Geyser Scrub- Green

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 The most efficient way to keep camp clean and organized.

Deliver just the right amount of water exactly where you need it.

Easily swap out scrubs for different tasks, from showers to scrubbing mud to washing dishes.

Easily Interchangeable - available in three colors (green, yellow & pink) so you can organize your cleaning station according to your unique needs, e.g. green for him, yellow for her, pink for the dishes.

A New Way to Shower - Apply water exactly where you need it and scrub away dirt at the same time. It even works on long hair!

Water Savings - Over the course of its lifespan, a single Geyser Scrub can help conserve up to 1,500 gallons of water compared to a traditional shower.

Adjustable Flow

  • Scrub / rinse your gear + dishes clean of mud & grime (~15 min of use).
  • Enjoy a revitalizing body wash & shower (7 min of use).
  • Detach the scrub and get a direct blast (1 min of use).

Soft & Coarse Sides - soft on skin, tough on grime (safe to use on non-stick surfaces).

Antimicrobial Reinforcement - Each scrub is treated with an all-natural antimicrobial solution before it’s packaged to extend its usability and lifespan, as well as to make the cellulose more durable.

Built to Be Tough - The Geyser Scrub will last anywhere from 2-6 months+ depending on use and storage.

Resealable Storage Bag - Minimize on waste. We recommend allowing the scrub to dry before storage. Do not microwave or dish wash the scrub.

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