DirtCom Accesory Hitch

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The Accessory Hitch is a center mounted bolt on 2" hitch receiver. This bolts on to the TRAIL SWING to allow standard tow hitch mounted accessories such as bike racks or cargo racks to swing out with the tire! This means you have easy access to the cargo area! The optional anti rattle system (+$25) slides over the accessory hitch to keep your accessories rattle free.

  • Fits bike racks and other 2" tow hitch mounted accessories.
  • Optional anti rattle system!
  • Comes powder coated stealth black.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Bottom mounted rubber stopper designed to rest onto popular hitch shackle mounts for extra support when in the closed position.
  • Not for towing
  • The accessory hitch is not designed for heavy offroad use. Do not exceed 100 lbs.


  • All orders shipped after March 1st will receive the new updated center mounted hitch.
  • The center mounted hitch will include extra support for heavier bikes and racks.


  • If your bike rack already has a built in anti rattle or anti wobble device you do not need to add the anti-rattle
  • If the accessory you are inserting does not have an anti rattle device it will move around inside of the accessory hitch due to the tolerances in standard tow hitch tubing.
  • The Anti-Rattle device we designed slides over the existing accessory hitch and can always be added later!
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