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  • Comeup SEAL Slim 9.5rs, 12V WINCH Comeup SEAL Slim 9.5rs, 12V WINCH Comeup SEAL Slim 9.5rs, 12V WINCH


    Comeup SEAL Slim 9.5rs, 12V WINCH

    Description   12V DC severe duty winch rated at 9,500 lbs pulling meets or exceeds your expectations. The slim size plus strong of motor housing and gearbox support rack are suitable for equipped with any vehicles. Heavy duty series wound motor...

  • Prolink



    Replace conventional winch hooks with the new safer, stronger, and smarter Factor 55 ProLink shackle mount. Factor 55 introduces the new ProLink shackle mount for winch cables and synthetic ropes. Engineered and machined in the USA from lightweight...

  • FACTOR55

    Offset Fairlead

    Factor 55 introduces a new Aluminum Hawse Offset Fairlead. These 1.5″ fairleads are CNC machined from 1.5 inch thick USA 6000 series aluminum bar. The industry standard fairlead thickness is .75 inches thick. The thicker aluminum bar results in a larger...

  • FACTOR55

    Rope Retention Pulley

    The world’s first winch friction pulley with patented rope retention feature. A lightweight alternative to traditional heavy snatch blocks/pulleys. The RRP can be used to increase pulling power or redirect the winch line. The RRP is for use with...

  • Comeup Fuse Kit, 250A


    Comeup Fuse Kit, 250A

    The COMEUP Winch Fuse Kit is designed to protect the winch motor and controls from damage caused by Amperage overload or short circuit. The basic function is to detect a fault condition and then interrupt the current flow.Each Kit Include:‐ 200mm length...

  • Fast Fid Rope Splicing Tool


    Fast Fid Rope Splicing Tool

    The Fast Fid is a rope splicing tool designed for rapid repairing/splicing of synthetic winch lines. The compact 2 piece design includes a unique wire grip for holding the end of winch ropes. No tape or other tools required. Trail repair takes only...

11 of 11 Items
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