Armadillo Hard Shell Roof Top Tent (A-Frame / Aluminum Shell)

$3,299.00 - $3,799.00
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Rugged 14 GA Fully Welded Aluminum Hard-Shell uniquely styled and aerodynamic with semi-textured high-gloss black finish is trail-hardened and ready to deflect low hanging branches or high-speed roadways in all conditions – rain or shine!

Light Suppression Technology® (LST®) – is a leading-edge combination of a UV treatment, and an advanced Polyurethane coating that stays up to 15% cooler and ensures darkness (almost zero light penetration) until you open the windows to start your day. Sleep better than ever before in a roof-top tent. Early summer sunrise, being bathed in light, sweating, and squinting through the odd canvas-colored tints are a thing of the past! Control the light – control your comfort!

2” Rebound Foam Mattress wrapped in a breathable quilted poly topper in olive. The newly engineered mattress has a higher latex content to resume its original shape much faster than traditional high-density foam roof-top tent mattresses. It feels firmer even though on paper it has the same specs as its predecessor. Side-sleepers will not slowly sink to the bottom and be left in valleys and troughs if you are prone to toss and turn all night. A water-resistant, breathable, removable, and quilted topper in 23ZERO Olive Green ensures comfort while matching the internal quilted head-liner

Right & Left Side-Open Deployment allows an optimized placement on your choice of Overland Rigs ranging from smaller crossovers and wagons, to bed mounted mid-sized 4×4’s, to monster custom builds. In light of all international vehicle options, 23ZERO defines left and right based on the drivers left and right as they sit oriented behind the steering wheel, or related to your turn signals. The Armadillo A has a clear front and back and is not styled or designed to be mounted backwards or sideways. However, we respect you and Bon Jovi is saying “It’s My Life”!


Tech Specs

  • Open Direction Options: Right and Left (orientation based on Driver sitting behind the steering wheel)
  • Opening/Closing Method: 
    • 2 x Internal heavy duty gas struts
    • 3 x Heavy duty stainless steel hinges opening to nearly 90°
    • Built-in 4-point elastic shock cord bands for tent pack-up assistance
    • Mid-body closing-side handle
    • 11” x 1 ½” [22” in total] Nylon lid pull strap
  • Latch:
    • 2 x adjustable heavy duty 4001 toggle latches with lock hole
    • 2 x 1’ Nylon hook loop fastening nylon webbing and rectangle Ring
  • Number of Entrances: 1 x 33” Over ladder entrance
    • Inner 40” x 30” Side-zipping rigid-roll-and-stow LST fabric door
    • Outer 33” U-zip insect mesh closure with PVC toggle and loop fasteners
    • Full entrance-width rainfly canopy secured by 2 x  covered no-leak blind-rivet spring poles
    • 2 x 37” Black-tipped cold-rolled steel spring poles
  • Number of Windows: 2 x 48” x 30”  arched side windows with outer 48” U-zip insect mesh closures with PVC toggle and loop fasteners and Inner 48” U-zip LST windows
    • 2 x Extendable or roll-and-stowed LST weather canopies, 4 x 33” Red-tipped cold-rolled steel spring poles seated on tent frame and locked into ¾” stainless steel reinforced blind rivets extend window canopies.
    • 1 x 30” Roof vent positioned under rainfly with an outer U-zip insect mesh closures with PVC toggle and loop fasteners and Inner U-zip LST flap
  • Internal Storage Dimensions: – Not recommended
  • Included Accessories:
    • 1 x Portable 24” 5V USB LED aluminum clip-on pole light with built-in dimmer that mounts to any ¾” pole internal & external paired with internal hanging portable power supply pouch [Power supply NOT included]
    • 2 x Removable sail-track gear bags in olive – 1 x mesh-pockets style & (1) gusseted footwear style
    • Adjustable internal aluminum snow/peak pole for more tension & support
    • 2 x  Internal storage pouch
    • Tent mounting kit


  • Sleeping Capacity: Two Adults Comfortably
  • Sleeping Footprint: 56” (W) x 78” (L)
  • Mattress: 2” Rebound Foam with removable quilted nylon topper in olive
  • Peak internal height: 44” increased with adjustable internal snow/peak pole
  • Dimensions Open (Interior):  56” (W) x 88” (L) x 44” (H) [W = side to side L = Front to back H = Base to peak]
  • Seasons: 4 Season Tent


Vehicle Mounting

  • Works Best With: 
  • Tent Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Recommended Racks: 190 Dynamic lbs. Rated Rack
  • Dimensions Closed (Exterior): 49” (W) x 62” (L) x 14” (H) [W = side to side L = Front to back]
  • Open Outside Dimension: 56” (W) x 88”(L) x 48 (H) [W = side to side L = Front to back H = Base to peak]
  • Mounting Rails ( Base)
    • 2x 1” Square 3-sided T-Slot rails, 60” (5ft) (L) front to back, 28” on center between rails, 11” from the edge
  • Ideal Crossbar Spacing: ?
  • Accessories Weight Capacity:  60 lbs. max.
  • Mounting Kit Includes:
    • 4 x Red-tipped window spring poles
    • 2 x Black-tipped rain-fly spring poles
    • 4 x Mounting plates
    • 8 x Bolts
    • 8 x Nylock nuts
    • 1 x 13mm wrench


  • Color: Black & 23ZERO Green (Olive)
  • Outer Hard-Shell: 
    • 14 GA fully welded aluminum hard-shell
    • Unique and aerodynamically styled
    • Semi-textured high-gloss black finish 
  • Tent Baseboard Material: Base: 
    • 3/4” Internal aluminum frame filled with Polyiso-Insulation ( R-Value 6.2 ) 
    • Cemented with water-based solvent (glue) wrapped in 24 GA. ; .0239 mm Aluminum Sheeting 
    • 1” Extruded Aluminum Sail Track
    • 3 x Stainless steel hinges – hinged to 90°
    • 60:40 Baseboard & Bed Fold
  •  Base Tent Fabric: 
    • 20GSM 900D Polyester, LST, Eco13B – environmentally friendly material
  • Rainfly Fabric: 210D polyester oxford flysheet with PU3000mm LST
    • 2 x Dual-zip and hook-loop-fastened triangle windows with outer V-shaped insect mesh and Inner V-shaped LST flap with pvc toggle and loop fasteners
  • Internal Frame Material: 
    • 2 x Gas Struts
    • 3/4” Round aluminum tubing jointed to 3/16 steel internal hinges
  • Ceiling Material: Olive-green quilted poly head-liner  
  • Mattress Cover Material: Removable quilted insulated poly topper in olive
  • Mosquito Screen: Polyester Mesh
  • Ladder: 7′ attached aluminum telescoping ladder with adjustable increments
  • Travel Cover – Rugged 14 GA Fully Welded Aluminum Hard-Shell
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