Walkabout Soft-Shell Roof-Top Tent Series with Light Suppression Tech. (LST)

$1,899.00 - $2,399.00
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The Walkabout Roof-Top Tent by 23Zero is comfortably a year-round tent, allowing you to live the roof-top tent lifestyle any time of year, in any climate. All of our tents are built with a durable and waterproof polycotton material that comes equipped with our revolutionary Light Suppression Technology®.

What Is Light Suppression Technology?

No longer do you have to be jolted awake early in the morning, sweating and squinting from the sun hitting your tent hours before you’re ready to wake up. Our LST fabric keeps the inside of the tent pitch black, even on the brightest mornings or hottest afternoons, and reduces the summer temperature inside the tent by 20%. 23Zero tents give you the freedom to choose to sleep in after a long day, allowing you to wake up refreshed and ready for a day of adventure in the outdoors.

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