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Wavian Water Can 5 Gallon

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The Wavian 5-Gallon Water Can is ideal for storing drinking water. Sturdy container is made of BPA free, food-grade plastic that has been UV stabilized for extended outdoor use. Easily identifiable container is clearly imprinted with WATER in the plastic itself. Texturized surface offers a non-slip grip. Holds 5+ gallons or 22 liters.


Features + Benefits

  • Water can holds 5+ gallons or 22 liters
  • Made of BPA free, food-grade plastic
  • UV stabilized for extended outdoor use
  • Opaque resin inhibits bacterial growth
  • Spout has custom easy-pour valve system
  • Textured non-slip surface provides a better grip
  • Built-in breather offers no-glug pouring that prevents spillage
  • Detachable, built-in easy-pour spout system
  • Interchangeable spout and plug for leakproof transport
  • Pours when can is in upright position
  • WATER is imprinted in plastic for easy identification
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