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RSI Smartcap

SmartCap Stow Away Table - SA0901

SmartCap Stow Away Table - SA0901

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SmartCap EVO Stow Away Table

There's nothing better than enjoying nature and admiring the landscape while eating, accompanied by your friends and loved ones. SmartCap's impressive attention to detail has motivated them to enrich these moments with the perfect table, the Stow Away Table...

You may be thinking what is special about the Stow Away Table? Simple, unlike other ordinary picnic tables, the Stow Away Table is constructed of stainless steel which gives you the confidence of having a sturdy table that will not rust no matter how humid the environment is or how many times you spill liquid on it. But that is not all. This is also a Smart Table as it's designed to occupy a minimum space inside your SmartCap!

  • Smart storage on your SmartCap EVO thanks to the included mounting brackets. Just fold the table and hide it into the SmarCap headliner.
  • Quick and fast, unfold or fold your Stow Away Table in under a minute.
  • Beautiful finish, thanks to SmartCap's signature bright coating process.
  • Sophisticated yet sturdy design. Make no mistake, this table can hold your meals with ease but also can serve as a light-duty multipurpose table for any job you need.
  • Ideal for meals, picnics, light workbench, playing with family/friends, multipurpose desk, and more.
  • You can either purchase it online and have it shipped to your desired location
  • Built from premium Stainless Steel to guarantee maximum security and superior rust protection
  • Specifically designed to be fit mid-size and full-size SmartCap EVO Sport, EVOa Adeventure and EVOc Commercial cap applications
  • If you love the Stow Away Table, then you have to check out SmartCap's Camp Kitchen
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Made by SmartCap, at their 88,000 square feet design and manufacturing facility located in Durban, South Africa
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 49.53 x 30.91 x 3.94 in.
  • Weight: 41.86 lbs.
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