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Roller Cam

Roller Cam Cam Strap Loop End

Roller Cam Cam Strap Loop End

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Designed for a variety of uses and ideal for positive securement when fastening to oar frames, roof racks, or interior tie-down points.

The Rollercam® Loop End has a loop sewn onto one end and the cam buckle on the other. By looping the strap through itself, there is no possibility of the strap coming undone when the load shifts. The Rollercam® Loop End is a must for all expeditions.  


  • One (1) Loop End 1’ Strap

  • One (1) Loop End Strap In Selected Length


  • Featuring Patented Rollercam® Buckle

  • Rollercam® Expedition Graphite or Classic Blue

  • Polypropylene Strap

  • Triple-Bar Tack Stitching

  • Woven-in Length

  • T-135 Polyester Thread

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