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Kovea Brass LPG Adapter

Kovea Brass LPG Adapter

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The Kovea Brass LPG Adapter has a Coleman propane input and a Lindal Valve output, enabling an isobutane stove to run on commonly available Coleman 1 lb. propane canisters. The Brass LPG Adapter simply threads onto the Coleman canister and your isobutane stove's input end threads onto the Brass LPG Adapter. The Brass LPG Adapter's Lindal Valve output rests closed, i.e., gas does not spew out if a stove unthreaded from the Adapter. A regulator on the side is adjustable for different stoves or altitudes, but every stove we have tested worked just fine with good output with the regulator set at minimum.

Everyone can run out of fuel during a trip. Even if you have chosen wisely and everything you own operates from a single fuel such as isobutane canisters, it is very worthwhile to keep this and other gas adapters in your field kitchen in case you run out of fuel and have to borrow or scrounge up another fuel source. These adapters are not expensive and they are very small, so they are not difficult to keep handy. Think of different scenarios in which these gas adapters will save the trip, and many ideas will occur to you.

Kovea Part Number - VA-AD-0701

Universal Product Code - 8809000503663
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