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InstaPrivy Portable Toilet Kit (Backpack)

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  • This is a Portable Toilet Kit that weighs just 7lbs and sets up just seconds. A toilet chair, privacy tent, waste bags kit, toilet paper, shovel, and paper toilet seat covers!
  • The InstaPrivy privacy tent is a hands-free design that rests right on your head with a stabilization pad. This innovative design provides you with an instant set up capability that is super lightweight and super easy to use. No need for big bulky clumsy tents. Our tent is perfect for “Got To Go Now!” events. Your tent also has a pocket for toilet paper and a screen at the top that allows you to see out and for fresh air. The tent can also be used for showering or changing clothes.
  • The InstaPrivy Chair is sturdy and easy to use, sets up in seconds and safely holds up to 250 lbs on stable ground. Use of the InstaPrivy waste bags with the toilet chair is recommended, but a great feature about our unique toilet chair is you can also use it without a waste bag! Please be careful and ensure ground is stable before sitting on your InstaPrivy toilet chair.
  • Your InstaPrivy kit comes with a waste bag kit of 5 waste bag sets. The set consists of a waste bag to put over the chair legs, a super absorbent pad to drop in the waste bag before use and a resealable bag to put everything in after use. We use absorbent pads that are chemical and enzyme free to better protect our environment. We do not use messy granules. Please dispose of used waste bags responsibly as you would a diaper (same contents). Regulations on disposal may vary.
  • The InstaPrivy Backpack is a custom pack with stowable backpack straps for traveling, a place for each component inside the pack and molly webbing on the front of the pack for added flexibility of use.
  • The InstaPrivy Portable toilet kit is ideal for any outdoor adventure, boating, emergency preparedness and family road trips. It is truly the world’s most practical portable toilet kit as it can be used anywhere and sets up instantly. It is also ideal for people dealing with IBS or Crohn’s disease, as the simple portable design gives you the freedom to go anywhere. We hope you enjoy your InstaPrivy Kit and the comfort and privacy it will provide you.
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