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Gull Wing Bed Rack for Jeep Gladiator With all gull wings

Gull Wing Bed Rack for Jeep Gladiator With all gull wings

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The BEST Bed Rack for the Jeep Gladiator. The most versatile and customizable bed rack on the market.

Are you in search of a bed rack that best suits you with versatility and storage capacity? Let us introduce you to our Gull Wing Bed Rack. This bed rack offers the ability to load tents, spare tires, kayaks, and much more heavy adventure items on the top portion of the rack. The side panels can carry gas cans, traction boards, propane tanks, and much more.

Our unique bed rack function, The Gull Wing, offers one of a kind ability that doubles storage space and gives the user the ability to access the bed of the truck from the side. In other situations, the bed rack blocks vital access to the bed from the sides and warrants users to have to crawl to the back of the bed. 

Our Gull Wing operating panels lockdown in a closed position with 2 (push-button latch switches). The panel is also assisted and held up with 2 struts per side that can hold up to 100lbs. This function doubles the storage space by allowing you to mount tools and accessories on the inside of the panel. Access to the bed is very important as well and our panels can move out of the way so you can gain access to the back of your bed without crawling into the bed.

We use a 5-stage Iron Phosphate wash on our metal before we add a zinc-rich primer on all surfaces and angles of the metal. We then top off the product with a fine texture black powder coat.  

*Trail Rail system required for install*


  • 15 Inches tall
  • built to span the full length of the bed. From tailgate to front most part of the tub.
Weight Rating:
  • Weight rating: 800lbs static/ 400 lbs dynamic
  • Gull Wing panel: 85 lbs (can go more but struts will need assistance)
  • Mounts to Trail-Rail system of the Jeep Gladiator

What's included:

  • 2x Gullwing panels
  • 2x A pillars
  • 2x B pillars
  • 2x C pillars
  • 3x Crossmembers
  • 2x Crossmember braces
  • 4x Chamfer braces
  • 6x hinges
  • 4x latch pins
  • 4x struts
  • 2x lockout
  • 1x grab handle
  • 1x stainless steel logo plate (paintable)
  • All Hardware necessary


Other Notes:
The rear light cut-outs are designed for up to a 4" bar, specifically the Heretic Studio BA-4

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