DayStar Can Cam

DayStar Can Cam

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Daystar Universal Cam Cans add storage options for your Jeep, FJ Cruiser, or other vehicles by mounting to the spare tire and making room for tools, water, or other chemicals.

Jeep's just don't have a lot of storage. If you're planning on an extended trip even spartan packing methods can only get you so far, but Daystar has developed a simple way to add storage right over the spare tire (and it doesn't look half bad either). See more information on Daystar's Cam Cans here.

Daystar's Cam Cans will attach to the back of your Jeep and Fj Cruiser or mount on any flat surface of a vehicle. Different styles of Cam Cans will hold two gallons of water, oil, or coolent or the equivilent in dry goods like tools, first aid, or towing equipment. You can even stack two Cam Cans and get twice as much storage! Don't leave behind the things that you might need anymore, because odds are you will need it once it's safely stored in the garage.

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